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Giti-brand commercial tires coming to North America

Giti Tire (USA) Ltd. is launching the Giti brand of commercial truck tires in North America with products available for long-haul, regional, urban/light-duty and mixed-service applications.
The Giti brand will complement the GT Radial truck tire brand for the time being, but eventually the GT Radial brand will be phased out in North America.
Giti is offering a limited new tire replacement warranty covering the tires for 72 months from date of manufacture or down to 2/32nds inch tread depth, along with a casing guaranteecovering tires through a second retreading through the 72-month period.
Giti did not offer a timetable for phasing out the GT Radial commercial tire brand in North America, but said it it will continue to offer GT Radial-branded passenger and light-truck tires.
Giti sources the Giti truck tires from company plants in China. Giti Tire provides OE commercial truck tires to more than 300 models of trucks and buses worldwide, the company said.

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