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ATG mulling need for 4th OTR tire plant

OTR tire producer Alliance Tire Group (ATG) is considering building a fourth factory to meet rising demand for its products.
ATG is evaluating its product needs and investigating various sites — both in India and elsewhere — and therefore could not comment on the size of the investment.
Given the "speed of growth" in the past few years, ATG believes it would be able to double its sales in the next five to seven years.
ATG, a Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd. subsidiary since 2016, said it hopes to finalize the location by year-end.
The company operates two factories in India, in Tirunelveli/Tamil Nadu, and Dahej/Gujarat, and one in Israel.According to Indian press reports, a $300 million budget has been allocated to the project, which is expected to take two years to complete after the start of construction.

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