Tuesday ، 7/7/2020 Time 8:20 AM


• Having Iranian nationality
• Owning a commercial card  which is considered valid in commercial,industrial,mine and agricultural chambers
• Owning proven customs documents,demonstrating commercial tire imports,entrance fees payment and annual membership right
• Accepting and obeying the content of the statue and
Waver No.1
If any of the members loses the right of membership due to below mentioned reasons,there is no possibility to acquire it again.
First section:Not bearing the conditions,mentioned in the article 9 of this statue
Second section:Separation or the inactivity within the association issues
Third section:Economical or social deprivation based on judicial authorities verdicts of Islamic Republic of Iran
Second waver:embers,whose membership was abolished due to any reason,will be further accepted according to the condition of new members entrance.
Association bank accounts
Melli bank Account Number: 0111319619006 in the name of Iran Tire Importers Association
SHEBA Number of Bank Melli Iran,Abshar Valiasr branch ( 0999 )(IR480170000000111319619006)
Karafarin Bank Account: 0500727841606 in the name of Iran Tire Importers Association
SHEBA Number of Karafarin Bank branch Apadana,code 4/0006(IR530530000000500727841606)
Required documents:
Copy of the establishment/alteration advertisement
Economical code
Copy of Executive Manager’s ID
Copy of commercial card
Copy of the contract with factory
LOC copy