Tuesday ، 7/7/2020 Time 6:22 AM


    1 - Efforts to organize the affairs related to the import of all types of tires and tires of all types of vehicles.
    2 - Participation in decision making and decision making, and the preparation and adjustment of proposals related to the import of the relevant halves.
    3. Establishment of relations with banks and credit organizations of the country as well as international financial and monetary organizations in the framework of the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the aim of facilitating and expanding members' financial services and financial resources.
    4. Creation of a database in the fields related to the purposes and duties of the association and information through the creation of a network of information and publication of books. Specialized magazines and brochures and the exchange of relevant information.
    5. To carry out scientific and research activities related to the mission of the association at home and abroad.
    6. Supporting the interests of members of the parliaments and providing their legal and advisory services.
    7 - Creating opportunities for cooperation and development of activities for members.
    8 - Participate in the formulation and implementation of required standards and conduct quality controls and ratings for Niels.
    9 - Introducing members to various ministries and organizations to use the services and facilities to be provided.
    10 - Organize training courses for members and hold specialty conferences and desk meetings as well as attend various international and foreign conferences and translate and compile professional articles.
    11 - Holding or attending domestic and foreign exhibitions related to the mission of the association.
    12 - sending delegates and marketing to foreign countries, as well as receiving business and marketing boards from foreign countries and the possibility of meeting with relevant foreign delegations.
    13. Prevent unhealthy members from competing with each other through coordination within the organization and then applying the rules of the disciplinary committee of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce.
    14 - An attempt to resolve disputes among relevant activists and to accept arbitration in this regard.
    15. Establishing the framework and mechanism necessary for the acceptance of the executive functions of the government in implementing the 5-year economic development laws. Rule 44 of the Implementation Policies and other related laws of the Association are delegated and the correct implementation of the delegated tasks and the presentation of the performance report to the Ministry of Defense.
    16 - Efforts to impose and oblige the members to implement the correct economic regulations and observance of the country's trade.
    17 - Information and legal follow-up to prevent non-standard or non-quality products and counterfeiting and smuggling with the cooperation and support of the responsible institutions and organizations.
    18. Coordination and assistance in introducing members for membership in specialized organizations. Regional and international activities related to the activities of the association.
    19 - Protecting members' intellectual rights through relevant authorities and institutions.
    20. Providing consulting services for concluding contracts. Memoranda of understanding and technical protocols between members of the Association with internal and external institutions.
    21. Encourage and encourage members to ensure the proper implementation of economic regulations and observance of the country's trade, and the provisions of the articles of association and regulations of the Association, through an arbitration panel, and to strive to establish the legitimate rights and wishes of the members through the establishment of appropriate contexts.
    22 - Information Packaging. Investigating Problems. Understanding needs and priorities.
    23. Effort to coordinate education and skills development and provide needed human resources.
    24 - Carry out the necessary investigations and provide advisory and legal advice on the preparation of bills and plans related to labor laws and social security.
    25 - Protecting and protecting the rights and interests of the members of the trade and profession through the provision of the proposal and attracting the support of the authorities and public and national organizations to the goals of the institution.
    26 - Refer to related government agencies and provide appropriate ways to advance the import.
    27 - The presence of the representative of the association in the Commission on the matter of a commercial office. And related commissions of the Organization for Protection, Customs and Standards, and other organizations.
    28. The members of the board of directors after the meeting are required to set up the executive board of the association within a maximum of 3 months and notify the members of the general assembly after approval by the general assembly.