Tuesday ، 7/7/2020 Time 7:27 AM


 Attempting to realize rights and legal requests of members through the right context creation,aiming to reach the goals of the association
 Supporting and defending the professional and associative benefits and rights of the members by offering recommendations and gaining the support of authorities and governmental and national organizations to realize the goals of the association
 Embracing responsibilities and cooperating with ministries and official entities regarding the delegated tasks and duties by mentioned systems and the preparation to advise them
 Investigating enough and presenting the concerning authorities legal and advisory ideas regarding the preparation of plaques and plans with respect to work and social security rules and welfare and legal rights of employers
 Interaction with the Parliament and the policy maker entities regarding tires industry
 Joining the homogenous guilds ,in order to create or be a member of regarding guild groups after the approval of General Assembly or the obedience of the legal rules
 Cooperating with other associative formations and doing other duties and authorization that according to the legal rules, will be or are delegated to associative groups
 Participating in professional negotiations with other related management organizations subjected to law and agreeing to social contracts with workers’ organizations
 Making connection with formations and organizations with respect to the responsibilities of associative groups or related centers in the country,within associative activities and Iran rules
 Gathering information ,analyzing and investigating about problems,recognizing needs and priorities
 Planning to fulfill associative needs,education,development and expansion of priorities
 Attempting to improve sources efficiency and production capacity and the technological innovation transfer
 Attempting to improve the quality of production or analyzing ,recognizing and establishing the new methods of quality control
 Attempting to coordinate the educational affairs,improve skills and supply human resources,
 cooperate with Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and other concerning organizations and entities to train them technical protection and labour hygiene.
 Advising and coordinating members regarding some common subjects like market, distribution factors and technology
 Receiving entrance fee, membership right and voluntary financial aids pursuant to the statue
 Cooperating in establishing ,reinforcing and expanding the cooperative companies and Revolving Loan Fund ,which are relevant to the Guild Group duties, to provide better facilities for members
 Purchase ,sale and the ownership of personal property and real estate of associative group in the name and account of the mentioned group, provided that there is no commercial or beneficial aim accompanying that.