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Announcement number 3

Announcement number 3
Venerable members of Iran Tire Importers Association

Please be informed that the decisions made on May 16,2017 regarding Tires Working Group are as follows:
1.following the letter No. 96/b/362 by Iran Tire importers Association on April22,2017,the issue of tire imports through border areas ,particularly temporary markets and people who carry tires on their back was discussed .Following the discussion and interaction regarding the mentioned issue and according to the tires contraband in some parts of the country or imports from border areas without obeying the standard rules and defined framework by the working group,following items were determined :
-Associative Group of tires industry is obliged to analyze enough and prepare complementary and detailed reports of the way,smuggled tires are supplied by jobbers. Also it was recommended to limit the large amount of tires carriage and relocation by buses and trucks and declare that to the regarding Headquarters to follow up.Also some news is presented regarding smuggled tires and their entrance in Iran and the Taskforce against Smuggling of Goods and Currency has followed up to control the suppliers and declared centers.
-Following the letter No. 272163/60 dated March 5,2017 by venerable Minister of industry,Mine and Commerce to the Secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Zone regarding the prohibition of capital and consumer durable goods including tires without the valid agency and after-sale services(following agreement No. 125612/53887 dated January 1,2017 issued by first Veep) it was determined to execute the abovementioned content.
-It was ascertained that according to the abovementioned agreement,Taskforce against Smuggling of Goods and Currency,Ministry of the Country and Customs of the Country be declared that the import of tires by people carrying tires,border markets and free zones without obeying the mentioned necessities is forbidden. Since tires are included in the obligatory standard and the failure to obey the existing rules will endanger the financial and health based security of person.this statement is particularly true for official agencies,owning license of the agency activity,given by Guilds and Merchants center(in case of obeying permitted legal criteria)
2.according to the correspondence with the Taskforce against Smuggling of Goods and Currency(following the letter No. 274302/60 dated March 7,2017 regarding smuggling a great amount of heavy tires to the country by ways except of tire carriers,tires import by sailors and frontiersmen by Iranian cars exit and their own tires depositing,using old tires and exchanging them after exiting the country and transferring that to Iran ),It was determined that the
mentioned Headquarters follow the issue up.

Best regards

Secretary of Iran Tire Importers Association

Seyyed Mohammad Mirabedini  

  • 8/2/2017
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