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Announcement number 1

Announcement number 1
Venerable members of Iran Tire Importers Association

Please be informed that the transportation company of Ariabar Khavarmianeh,as one of subgroups of the Sharan Group, provides services on international and internal transportation (foreign and inner- country transits ,imports and exports).
According to the mentioned association resume which is enclosed in this letter,this group works in the following areas:road transportation,forwarding,carriery,shipping and aerial affairs,customs,marketing.etc.
Abovementioned information has informative role and this association isn’t responsible for the validity and precision of the released statement of this company.
Apt. 605,6th floor,commercial complex of Malake Asemanha,Shohada Square(Yadboud Square),Imam Khomeini Boulevard .Bandar abbas
Phone number: 076-32250659-63
fax: 076- 32250664
postal code : 7913911885

Best regards
Secretary of Iran Tire Importers Association
Seyyed Mohammad Mirabedini

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