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Announcement number 4

Announcement number 4
Venerable members of Iran Tire Importers Association

Please be informed that following the letter No. 10630/04/96 dated July8,2017 that is received from International Shipping Agency named Foruhar Daryaye Pars and pursuant to what this company has declared regarding special interaction with all shipping lines and exclusive agencies in southern korea,Japan,China,Indonesia and Malaysia ,it is prepared to cooperate with venerable members of the Association in following parts:
• Transportation service including competitive rate and the maximum amount of days exempted from the right to stop
• Cargos clearance
• Terminal services including containers discharge and inventory in Bandar Abbas
• Transit and internal carriage from Bandar Abbas to customers’ warehouse
• Tehran depot supply in order to return the container to shipping lines
• Supplying documents and evidences in case of the container's damage.
It should be noted that the Abovementioned information has informative role and this association isn’t responsible for the validity and precision of it.
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Best regards
Secretary of Iran Tire Importers Association
Seyyed Mohammad Mirabedini

  • 8/13/2017
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