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Announcement number 2

Announcement number 2
Venerable members of Iran Tire Importers Associatio
Please be informed that referring to the letter No.3323/122/96 dated May 14,2017,which was received from the organization of Chabahar Free Zone,this organization provides below facilities to economize goods' imports by the members of this association,following the expansion and depreciation of eastern Iran zone as one of the biggest aims of the organization:
1. Paying the marine and terrestrial price of goods through southern ports of Iran ,destined for Chabahar
2. Paying goods transportation price from Chabahar Free Zone to the storehouse
3. Paying THC price of Bandar abbas
4. Paying THC price of chabahar,in case of goods entering the region by ships
5. Paying the price of the inventory for three months
6. Paying the price of strip,loading and relocation to the warehouse of the organization
7. Not abandoning goods before the clearance in Chabahar Free Zone(adaptive)
8. Feasibility of goods maintenance in the warehouse of the organization or the personal warehouse(in territory of the free zone) before the clearance from the country customs(adaptive)
9. Issuing the certification of origin by the organization,confirmed by country customs
10. Issuing the bargainable warehouse bill and the denotative bill of the warehouse(confirmed by the country customs) by organization
11. Paying the inventory costs of exported goods in Chabahar for 45 days.
Conditions :
• Provided service is designated for goods bearing the least amount of 19 percent for entrance fees.Also the value of each container must be more than 40 thousand dollars.
• Total of paid prices includes 30 % of charges,which the abovementioned place has received from the organization of Chabahar Free Zone,reducing 5% of goods commercial profit.
Meanwhile mentioned cases are generally negotiable.
Furthermore this association isn’t responsible for the mentioned items and exclusively aims to inform.
Apt.1,No.19,at the corner of St29,Khaled Eslamboli St,Tehran
Phone: 888793734
Postal code of Chabahar: 997758711
Phone number: (0545) 4442200
Best regards
Secretary of Iran Tire Importers Association
Seyyed Mohammad Mirabedini

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